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Maximize The Value Of Your Credentialing Program

Provide your recipients with a superior digital experience by choosing the world’s most advanced digital credentialing platform. Our credentialing experts can help you find a credential solution that fits your unique business needs.

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Promote Program Growth

Take advantage of recurring, zero-cost marketing when recipients instantly share your credentials on 20+ social media platforms, generating organic referral traffic to your program’s website.

Boost Brand Awareness

Provide your recipients with a fully branded credentialing experience that matches the look and feel of your learning environment. Brand every interaction with your recipients from the moment they enroll to when they share their credentials online.


Save Time, Money & Resources

Our fully automated and integrated workflows enable you to free up time and focus on what matters: growing your business. Deliver your credentials in seconds to recipients with no costly design time, printing, or physical mailing needed.

We offer seamless integration with: Moodle, Thinkific, Canvas, TalentLMS, Salesforce, Skilljar, Zoom, HubSpot, and more. 

Use our powerful API to trigger workflows from your systems or to export data from Accredible into other applications.

Deliver Secured Credentials

Enjoy fraud-proof and verifiable credentials that are secured with bank-level encryption and blockchain technology. Retain full control over the validity and expiration of credentials to protect your brand integrity and encourage recertification.


Quantify Program ROI

Use our analytics dashboard to track the number of credential shares and clicks. Enjoy instant access to completion analytics to monitor course enrollment and completion rates of your digital credential programs.

Our powerful API also gives you the power to export data from Accredible to other systems for further analysis and reporting.

Increase Credential Value

Instantly elevate the market value of your credentials with digital badges and certificates that can be added to any digital wallet, shared online with one click, and matched to job titles and career opportunities.

"Accredible is probably one of the best decisions that we made as an organization. We found the platform very intuitive and easy to use."

-Doug Forman, Certification Director

"We selected Accredible because of their best-of-breed technology. Accredible allowed us to create a seamless, white-labeled experience."

-Potoula Chresomales, SVP Product

"Accredible allows us to end the learning experience on a positive note with a credible certificate that can be showcased and shared online."

-Sarah Whyte, Senior Product Marketing Manager